Almost, Oklahoma

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I’ve traded my alcohol for almond milk.
I’ve switched my pills with vegetables.

I’ve replaced fear with hope.
And I love myself for it.

Change is true beauty.

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Sounds entertaining

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Im in the passenger seat of a Hyundai, driving back to Oklahoma from Houston.
Rush’s “New World Man” is on the radio.
And I just took a hydrocodone.

Time to travel beyond the doors of this vehicle.

I am still drinking about you

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Well goddamn if this just isn’t the perfect sentence to describe my alcoholism.

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why are those certain ex’s always so just like….grrr.
1. make up ur mind.
2. I’m living with someone now n I love them.
3. why didn’t u feel this way when we were together for like 7 years…..Hmm?!?!
4. ugh!!!
5. I’m not leaving my love n moving to another state for u.

I love him.


those 7 years will never ever be forgotten or regretted.
even tho u were a douche.
love will laways be there.

I love him.